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Delete blockages - Coaching and Intuitive therapy

The experiences and emotions we accumulate in our lifetime generate blockages that impede the natural flow of our vital force and impact all areas of life - self esteem, prosperity,  relationships and success. Let go of the unnecessary weight of accumulated impressions and recover your vitality, wellbeing and personal power. Unique and effective method. Can be used separately or in conjunction with the Repairing Core Fractures program or the Life Lessons or Relationship readings

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Love Tones - If you are looking for a partner

What can you expect from this relationship? How is it like to be with someone in a romantic partnership? How do you know if you are in front of a "Soul Mate" and what does that mean? Discover what you need to do, first, to align with your true way of being and purpose and to choose from that stance someone who will support your true happiness and fulfillment. 

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Love, Karma and Destiny - If you already have a partner or want a deeper reading

How do you keep the flow of love alive? How to bring out and support the best in each other? Each relationship brings within it gifts that we came to give and receive from each other. When we resist this flow, the bond cools down or generates friction.  Discover how to allow each other to be authentic and faithful to themselves in the relationship and reach their greatest potential. Explore past karma and future possibilities. 

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Repairing Core Fractures Program

Repairing Core Fractures is the basis of any self-development work. Core fractures are what you are left with after your trust has been broken, your trust in life, in love, in yourself or in others. For example, when your heart gets broken, when you suffer loss, experience betrayal, face abandonment or abuse. These critical events create Core Fractures that make you loose access to the most vital aspects of yourself - courage, confidence, will power, as well as your passion and purpose.

Find out if you have Core Fractures and reclaim your core strengths. 

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Life Lessons

What am I meant to do in this lifetime? Why am I here? Each person arrives in this lifetime with both qualities that their soul chose to develop and tendencies to let go off to reach their full potential. These "lessons" repeat themselves again and again until we recognize them and align ourselves with our true destiny, our soul´s dharma, what we are meant to do, learn and become. 

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What does it mean to Align with Your Core?



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