Transform. Expand. Align with your Core. 

Trying to reach a goal without clearing the emotional and energetic baggage is like trying to run up a hill carrying a big load behind you. Let go of the unnecessary weight, allow your own vital energy to move forward, giving it your all. This way  of clearing needs no processing, it happens NOW.

Your 'Core'

Your core is the center of strength, intuition and wellbeing within you. Aligned we feel clear, strong and at peace with ourselves and others. Misalignment generates confusion, limiting beliefs, weakness and anxiety; we lose direction and feel unable to fulfill our life goals.  Recognize and assume who YOU are meant to BE, release limiting patterns that you no longer need and reclaim wellbeing and joy in your life.


Intuitive Coaching Sessions - Through energetic resonance and alignment with your core you can let go of repetitive energetic and emotional tendencies that sabotage your life goals and drain vitality. You are then able to clarify your goals and align them with your deepest intuition. Each Intuitive Coaching Session is 1 hr long.

About me

My Commitment

Your personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity and discretion. If I cannot be of service to you I will let you know. The end result will be accurate and get you results. I abide by the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics.

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